Two Hour Parking Records is a independent record label founded in 1997 by Robert Stainton. The label's offices and studios are located in Apple Canyon Lake, Illinois. It's records are distributed by RED Distribution.


The recording studios are located in a converted "Magnolia" Sears Catalog Home. The house was originally built out of a kit by a man and his family who lived in the area that is now Apple Canyon Lake. The house survived 17 families and a threat of demolition from the developers of Apple Canyon Lake.

In the basement is Studio A, the main recording and mixing area. It contains SSL Duality SE consoles, a custom 40 channel Neve 8088 that had originally been built for The Who, vintage Pioneer CS-A700 speakers, and the sound system out of a Rock-afire Explosion animatronic show.

On the main floor is Studio B and the offices for THPR. It contains the quad Westlake/601-style monitors once used in Bearsville Studios, redone to resemble Little Guy's face, Peavey 32FX II mixers, a board with a number of Bee Gees Rhythm Machines on it, a Roland JP-08 compact synthesizer, a Peavey 2400 AMR console, a Roland Jupiter-80, a Roland Jupiter-50, Robert's "Synthman", vinyl and CD pressing equipment, a Yamaha PM2000 console, and a MCI JH600 console.

Studio C, the second floor, contains a Trident 80B console, a Tascam 388 mobile console, and most of the instruments: including, but not limited to: one of the 40 Red Special replicas built by Andrew Guyton, one of the ten green Red Special replicas built by Andrew Guyton, a Raggedy Ann & Andy-themed Roland Jupiter 8 which was custom vinyl-wrapped by Robert, a Simmons SDS-V electronic drumset, a Casio VL-80 pocket calculator and synthesizer, a PNTM drum machine, a 1995 Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck electric guitar, a 1932 Ro-Pat-In Elektro "frying pan" guitar, and a Gibson Custom 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard electric guitar.

Across the street is Studio D, a former aircraft hanger that was moved to the Apple Canyon Lake property of Two Hour Parking Records via the house moving technique. It is used for live performance rehearsals.