The Garrett Network is a network made by Garrett Simmers (GarrettComedian/JuniorWaffle). There is always a watermark with the logo seen in GarrettComedian's AGK series. It launched in January 1972 as The Red Network. On September 16, 2014 at 6:00am, The Garrett Network USA debuted a new logo featuring the channel's name written in the Clockwork Nightmare font. 

File:The Garrett Network logo 2015.png


The Garrett Network mostly airs programming aimed at childern ages 7-27 years old. It mainly airs programming transferred from other networks like Disney ChannelToonamiCartoon network [adult swim], and others.

Current programming and movies

Angry German Kid (April 24, 2014-present)

Gundam Wing (June 9, 2014-present)

The Crazy Adventures of Garrett and Keegan (June 11, 2014-present)

Tutenstein (April 24, 2014-present)

The Replacements (April 27, 2014-present)

Greeny Phantom (April 24, 2014-June 6, 2014, June 10,2014-present)

Recess (June 1, 2014-present)

Beyblade (May 26, 2014-present)

Naruto Shippuden (April 25, 2014-present)

Brian O'Brian (June 9, 2014-present)

Even Stevens (May 7, 2014-present)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (April 24, 2014-present)

Gravity Falls (August 23, 2012-present)

Time Warp Trio (May 1, 2014-present)

Stephen Quire YTPs (June 3, 2014-present)

Kenny the Shark (April 23, 2014-present)

Daria (July 24, 2012-present)

Drawn Together (CENSORED) (March 22, 2014-present)

Rugrats (February 4, 2002-present)

Super Robot Monkey Team HyperForce Go! (January 2, 2014-present)

FLCL (Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly) (April 14, 2014-April 19, 2014, June 1, 2014-present)

Regular Show (June 12, 2010-present)

ThunderCats (2011 remake) (February 20, 2013-present)

Sym-Bionic Titan (July 13, 2012-present)

Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast (December 18, 2011-present)

Grossology (February 12, 2009-present)

Digimon (March 12, 2000-present)

The Casey Show (July 29, 2014-present)

Cowboy Bebop (January 15, 2005-present)

iDog and Furby (August 2014-present)

W.I.T.C.H. (June 12, 2014-present)

Akira (June 12, 2014)

Totally Spies! (June 13, 2014-present)

Dave the Barbarian (June 15, 2014-present)

The Krazy Adventures of Kewlboy2000: The Internet and Beyond! (June 25, 2014-present)

Turbo: FAST (September 12, 2014-present)

Evangelion 2.22 You Can (NOT) Advance (June 24, 2014)

Doraemon (July 19, 2014-present)

Summer Wars (July 1, 2014)

Kick-Heart (July 1, 2014)

Pepper Ann (July 2, 2014-present)

Aladdin (1992 Disney film) (July 5, 2014)

Hercules (1997 film) (July 6, 2014)

Aladdin (TV series) (July 7, 2014-present)

Hercules (1998 TV series) (July 7, 2014-present)

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (July 8, 2014-present)

Evangelion 1.11 You Are (NOT) Alone (July 10, 2014)

Pucca (July 13, 2014-present)

Powerpuff Girls Z (July 13, 2014-present)

The Legend of Tarzan (July 21, 2014-present)

The Mighty B! (July 24, 2014-present)

Mars Needs Moms (July 24, 2014)

CatDog (July 26, 2014-present)

Rocko's Modern Life (July 29, 2014-present)

El Tigre (August 1, 2014-present)

As Told by Ginger (August 1, 2014-present)

The Return of Jafar (August 2, 2014)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (February 12, 2015)

St. Elsewhere (TV-PG-S on TGN prints) (August 23, 2014-present)

Toy Story 2 (August 27, 2014)

Turbo (September 11, 2014)

G-Force (September 19, 2014)

Keegan's World (September 29, 2014-present)

Chibis To The Rescue (September 29, 2014-present)

Alf (September 29, 2014-present)

Babe (September 29, 2014)

Wild Grinders (October 16, 2014-present)