Our Most Stupidest Tour Yet! is a well-covered Robert's Pizza Bakers tour going on from January 2015 and expected to end in Spring 2017.

Various events happened during each concert and some concerts broke attendance records.

Tour Dates

Date Location Venue Notes
01/08/2015 Bay Lake, Florida Walt Disney World Speedway Last event done at Walt Disney World Speedway before it's closure. Several former and current Disney stars were in the audience, including, but not limited to: Miley Cyrus, Sharon Baird, and Jim Cummings.
01/10/2015 Grand Forks, North Dakota Alerus Center Played to a sold-out audience, this sparked the interest of the organizers of Anthrocon (for some reason). The Pizza Bakers eventually played at both 2015 and 2016 Anthrocons.
01/12/2015 London, England, United Kingdom Heaven Played to a sold-out audience of 2,678.
01/13/2015 Chaoyang District, Beijing Workers' Stadium During the concert, Morgan Anderson sung a Polka version of the Chinese national anthem. Many complants were filed afterwards.
01/14/2015 Pyongyang, North Korea Rungrado 1st of May Stadium North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in audience. My Way by Frank Sinatra was performed to roaring applause.
01/16/2015 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Crescent School Auditorium To the audience's dismay, the Pizza Bakers changed a lot of the lyrics in their songs to be about Canadians. You can hear one song where they didn't change the lyrics, Ballad of the Spruce, on Robert's Soundcloud page.
01/17/2015 Fitchburg, Massachusetts Puttnam Street Lanes Smallest attendance count ever recorded for a Pizza Bakers concert. Fans got up and bowled behind the stage (set up in front of the lanes) during songs.
01/19/2015 Eagar, Arizona Round Valley Ensphere The concert was mostly the Pizza Bakers covering 1980's dance music. During a cover of "You Think You're A Man" by Divine, Jake Sanford made a surprise appearance. A huge mosh pit occured because of this, and the Pizza Bakers were nearly banned from performing in Eagar because of this.
01/21/2015 Johnson City, Tennessee ETSU/Mountain States Health Alliance Athletic Center The Pizza Bakers' concert was nearly halted by the owners of the venue, East Tennessee State University.
01/23/2015 Paris, France Louvre Robert played the Synthman for a total of 9 minutes.