My Son, Billy
Film information

Directed by

Gabriela Cowperthwaite (credited as Alan Smithee)

Produced by

Jake Sanford

Executive Produced by

Billy Mays, Sr.

Written by

Jake Sanford

Screenplay by

Robert Stainton

Story by

Jamie Shertick

Based on

"My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever" by Billy Mays, Sr.

Narrated by

Billy Mays, Sr.


Frank Welker as Billy Mays
Anthony Sullivan as himself

Music by

The Brown University Orchestra
Conducted by Paul Phillips


Robert Stainton

Editing by

Jamie Shertick


Jamie Shertick Productions
Broadway Video Film
Telefilm Canada
Stainton Media Group
HiT Movies
Troma Entertainment
Raconto Produções Artísticas
The Kennedy/Marshall Company

Distributed by

Orion Pictures Corporation (North America, South America, and Brazil)
TrustNordisk (International)

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Running time






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My Son, Billy is a upcoming multinational biographical film loosely based on the life of pitchman Billy Mays and the book "My Son, Billy: A Father Remembers the Greatest Pitchman Ever" by his father Billy Mays, Sr. It is directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite (credited as Alan Smithee, reportedly to avoid "SeaWorld's fans getting pissed off even more"), produced and written by Jake Sanford, and narrated by Billy Mays, Sr. himself.

It is set to premiere at the Oil Valley Film Festival in Oil City, Pennsylvania in 2017. Orion Pitcures Corporation will distribute the film in North America, South America, and Brazil while TrustNordisk will distribute it internationally.