"Musicist Everyday!"
Season: 12
Episode: 127
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: October 23, 2006
Production Code: G11F12
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Robert Stainton
Directed by: Robert Stainton
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Musicist Everyday! (originally known as Musician Everyday!) is the 12th episode of Season 12 and 127th episode of the series. It is considered to be the last episode to be posted on YouTube by 2009Greenyphatom.




It starts off where Little Guy and 3 of his clones are introducing the episode (Yes, this happens in some episodes but with a different character). Little Guy 2 asks Little Guy what song will be for Musicist Everyday. Little Guy chose "A Song Called On" and he and Little Guy 2 gets prepared for the performance while everyone is sitting and watching the performance. After that, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 sing "A Song Called On" (with background music that sounds like someone threw a toy piano down a flight of stairs). Soon, the audience gave feedback to them.

The next day, Gree Guy announced that today is Dr. Beanson's birthday. Little Guy then plays the Happy Birthday song on a Clavinet. And then, he and the attenders eat the cake. Dr. Beanson was waiting for his presents, and after a few minutes, he got his presents. He then gave birthday parties a message. After the party, Dr. Beanson wants Season 13 to premiere in 2007. During the closing credits, he sings a Mexican song.


  • The audience who attended for the performance are Greeny Phatom minor characters of course, but there is an easter egg which shows all of the Greenytoon characters.
  • The birthday is announced by Gree Guy.
  • This episode is infamous for constantly airing sometimes.