Mike Hoffman
Born April 9, 1958 (age 58)
Years active 1974-present
Notable work The Jeff Jones Show
Home town Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Mike Hoffman (born April 9, 1958 in Kiryas Joel, New York) is a American suit actor, musician, puppeteer, racing driver, stuntman, racing promoter, and comedian of Jewish heritage.

He is best known for being the "man inside the suit" for The Jeff Jones Show.


Mike was born into a Jewish family in Kiryas Joel, New York. His father Johnson Hoffman (1935-1996) was a drag racer born in Cherokee, North Carolina, who was reportedly "one of the few Jews in the town". Johnson's father, a German Jewish carpenter and auto racer, was sent from Germany to the town to escape the Holocaust. His mother was Sandra Hoffman (née Ujazdowski) (1919-2012). Johnson settled in Kiryas Joel after his mother returned to her town of birth. Sandra was born in Ujazd, Poland, and moved to Kaser, New York when she was 19. While working as a bartender at the Holler House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Johnson met Sandra who was about to have her bra put on the wall. They eventually started dating and proceeded to marry and give birth to Mike.

Mike's first job was an assistant for Larri Thomas on New Zoo Revue. A blooper where Henrietta Hippo falls over as if she had a heart attack had Mike wearing the suit.

Later on in life, he became a part of The Jeff Jones Show cast, mostly wearing costumes as various characters.

Mike's motorsports career began outside the show, when he drove the Super Dragster II funny car, known in it's heyday as the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre Super Dragster II. He and his dad competed in NHRA, IHRA, and independent shows across the nation and the world, and in USHRA shows in the Funny Car Tug of War. In 1988, Mike built his monster truck, named "Grave Robber", a 1941 Willy's pickup truck with Mitas 1250/50R32 SFT tires, dune buggy-like suspension, and a Allison V-3420 airplane engine, which managed to win a race against Bigfoot,

After the show's cancellation, Mike began working with his dad's motorsports team, called J.H. Motorsports, running with at least 10 monster trucks, 2 dragsters, and two transforming robots, a tank called "Wolftron" and a 2003 Subaru Forester monster truck called "Vampmonster". He also owned one of the Vorian transforming robots for a few years.

Mike owns Mike Hoffman Promotions, which holds monster truck events in venues across the world. The company has made the Aleppo Shriners Auditorium and the Round Valley Ensphere famous as monster truck venues.