Original episodes (1st segment)

  • Pilot
  • Reading Windows Errors
  • Reading Extreme CLG Signs
  • Sergente Beanson and the Gang
  • Little Guy's DOL Weapon
  • Wanted: The Great Drink Thief
  • The Return Of Little Guy Insanity
  • The Cure of Santed Sailor
  • Pube Beanson Goes to Showbiz Pizza Place

2nd segment episodes

  • To Normal or Not to Normal
  • Imagine That
  • The Logo and the Pizza
  • A Twisted World of Sony Wonder
  • Dr. Beanson and the Coke Factory
  • Terrly Tlate: Campus Linebacker
  • Mothorplaoza!
  • Princess Nerhne
  • The Dial Diary at the Mirmus Fate
  • Little Guy and the Secret Recipe
  • Walter Can't Take Em Anywhere
  • Little Guy and Friends to the Beanstalk
  • The New Room in the Block
  • Santed Sailor's Piezsty Zone
  • Don't Break the ice