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These are the opening and closing credits for Greeny Phatom The Movie 2.

Opening Credits

Twentieth Century Fox Animation

in association with
Sony Wonder
Sesame Workshop

DHX Media/Sony Wonder/Film Roman

The Movie 2

Closing Credits

Directed by
Terry Ward

Written by
Gabriel Garcia
Robert Stainton

Based on the characters created by
Robert Stainton

Produced by
Robert Stainton
Audel LaRoque
C. Elbourn

Executive Producers
Chris Bartleman
Gabriel Garcia
Blair Peters
Phil Roman

Music by
Olaf Henderson

Edited by
Steve Samono

Production Designer
Yarrow Cheney

Art Directors
Gabriel Garcia
Ridd Sorensen

Visual Effects Supervisors
David Paul Dozoretz
Peter de Mund

Visual Effects Designer
Gregory Roth

Vancouver Unit Head
Chantal Hennessey

Vancouver Unit Directors
Greg Sullivan
Jayson Thiessen

Chicago Unit Head
Nate Stainton

Chicago Unit Director
Crystal Stainton

Supervising Animation Director
Alan Smart

Animation Directors
James Baxter
Denny Lu
Ishi Rudell
Tim Stuby

Production Manager
Robert Stainton

Casting by
Ruth Lambert

Dialogue Director
Jamie Thomason


Special Thanks to

Production Babies


fox television studios

Final Part of The Credits

Production with the Participation of the Canadian television fund created by government of Canada and The Canadian Cable Industry Produced with the Participation of the Government of Canada the CanadianFilm or Video Production Tax Credit c 2007

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