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Gittle Luy is a alternative character in Greeny Phatom. His first notable appearance is the Greeny Phatom Home
Entertainment logo. That wasn't his only appearance, he also appeared in the Dr. Beanson episode "No Nazis, No Nothing!". Gittle Luy can be seen in the Cake at Stake gag, where he is next to Gree Guy. But he was never seen again, nor popular among Greeny Phatom fans.

He is the half-brother of Little Guy and the uncle of Little Jr.. He also is the main protagonist of Gittle's World. In Gittle's World, he is voiced by Jerry Trainor.

He has since become a regular minor character starting with Season 20.

He is voiced by Steven Michael "Steve" Burns.



  • His head, shirt, and pants are opposite from Little Guy's head, shirt, and pants.
  • He has a gooey face.
  • Before Season 1, his name was going to be revealed as Gerald Daniel harold, however, the plans were scrapped.
  • In Season 21, his name was revealed to be Todd Patrick. Todd's initials TP were the main reason behind the name of his alter-ego, Toilet Paper Man, which first appeared in the Season 21 episode of the same name.