Apple Publications is an American record label owned by Apple Entertainment, Inc., founded in 1979. It's headquarters are in Suite 56 of the Apple Entertainment headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. It has a distribution facility in Washington, D.C. and a record pressing and CD duplication factory in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.


Apple Publications was founded in 1979 by Alex Apple. The first album released by Apple Publications was a reissue of the Beatles bootleg album Kum Back, which was released under the pseudonym "Pear Recording Company, Ltd." to avoid confusion with Apple Records.

Most of Apple Publications' records in the 1980's were reissues of albums, compilations, and other assorted records.

In 1985, Apple Publications restarted the Gilmar Record Club soundalike label as a sub-label, to issue original material and distribute international artists' recordings stateside. The first albums released by the sub-label, Relight My Fire by Café Society and The Invasion of the Spacepeckers by VideoKids, sold millions of copies across the United States, and received RIAA Diamond certifications. The albums by Robert's Pizza Bakers and Selena Kitsy also received RIAA Diamond certifications.