Apple's Mega City (originally known as Mega City) is a theme park in Flint, Michigan. It is owned by Apple Entertainment, Inc.


In 1975, Alex Apple purchased 567,000,000 sq. ft. of land in Flint, and, with the help of investors from the Western United States, Iran, Scotland, Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada, built and created the theme park. It was incredibly successful, and almost the whole population of Flint attended on the first day.

The park had 56 attractions and rollercoasters, on an added 20.7 hectares (51 acres) of land. New coasters include the Super Launcher, Moonsault Scramble (formerly from Fuji-Q Highland), and The Great Beast.

The park also has it's own 256,000 capacity multi-purpose stadium, Mega City Sport Palace.

It also contains an atmospheric theatre, the Equestria Theater (formerly the Greeny Theater), and an amphitheater, the Mega City Ampitheater. Non-theme park live show booking for the Mega City Sport Palace, the Equestria Theater, and the Mega City Amphitheater are done by Live Nation.